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For patients who have missing, damaged, or generally weak teeth, dentures are a good option. Getting dentures allows you to fully restore your smile and eliminates your tooth problems. At Dossett Dental, we offer full and partial dentures for patients who don’t want to keep repairing their natural teeth.

Dentures are a permanent solution designed to fit comfortably over your gums. When dentures fit properly, you are able to chew foods, speak, or swallow with no trouble. Best of all, you will no longer experience pain and discomfort from cracked, decayed, or aging teeth.

Let Dossett Create the Perfect Dentures for You

Whether you’re in need of a partial set or a full set of dentures, Dossett Dental will ensure you get a perfect fit. We make several impressions of your teeth, crafting temporary dentures as we do and placing them in your mouth to determine if they fit comfortably without sliding out of place. We work diligently with our dental lab to perfect the final product.

Your new dentures will look just like regular teeth. Partial sets are color-matched to your existing natural teeth, and full sets are painstakingly detailed so that no one will know your smile is anything but 100% natural. Our skilled dentists test and re-test the fit, so your dentures will feel even better than they look.

A Cost-Effective Option

Many people think dentures are unaffordable. In reality, having natural teeth that are in poor condition can end up costing you more money. Constantly having to repair damaged teeth, get root canals, or dental crowns adds up over time.

With dentures, all of your tooth problems are erased. Your natural teeth are extracted to make room for your dentures, so you will no longer have to deal with the discomfort and inconvenience of past tooth issues.

Considering Dentures? Give Us a Call

To find out if dentures would be a good fit for you, call our McKinney office and schedule a consultation with one of our caring dentists today.




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