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If you have a Dental Emergency, call us now at 469-277-2853 to be seen right away during business hours.

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Emergency Dentist

At Dossett Dental, we know there is nothing worse than mouth pain. If you have a toothache, pain can spread from your tooth to your entire head, leaving you in total misery and unable to function.

If you’re in pain, we don’t want you to suffer another second – give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist.

We Treat Your Emergency Right Away

Like a hospital ER, we see dental emergencies right away. If you’ve suffered a tooth-related accident or you have pain that won’t go away, we will put your appointment first in line. We want you to start feeling relief as soon as possible, and we want to prevent any further issues with your oral health.

Some examples of emergencies we treat include:

  • Lost teeth: If you experienced a blow to your mouth that knocked your tooth out of place, you will need to see us as soon as possible. Be sure to rinse the tooth carefully (don’t scrub it) and keep it either in your mouth next to your gums or in milk until your appointment.
  • Broken tooth: A broken tooth may not seem as bad as a tooth that was knocked out, but it can still leave you in a great deal of pain. Call for an emergency appointment and we will do what we can to repair and protect your broken tooth.
  • A toothache that won’t subside: If you have tooth pain that isn’t going away, you may have an abscessed tooth. Call us for an immediate appointment and we can assess the damage.

Keep in mind that the examples above are just common issues we treat. At Dossett Dental, we believe any kind of mouth pain is unacceptable and should be treated right away.

Protect Your Mouth from Emergencies

To avoid the misery of tooth problems, keep your mouth protected by exercising the following rules:

Wear a Mouthguard

Wear a mouthguard when participating in sports.

Emergency Dental Services

Do not stick sharp objects in your mouth.

Practice Proper Dental Hygiene

Brush and floss daily and get regular check-ups.

Avoid Hard and Crunchy Foods

Don’t bite down on hard foods and candies.

Call Us to Schedule an Emergency Appointment

If you’re having a dental emergency, even if it’s after business hours, you should contact Dossett Dental at once. Our McKinney office is available through the online chat option, or you can all and leave a voicemail. We will respond promptly and get you the next available appointment.




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