Saturday Dentist

Saturday Dentist McKinney Texas

Saturday Dentist

It seems like life can get so busy that a whole week passes by before you’ve even had a moment to blink. Between work, kids, school schedules, and other activities, we’re lucky if we have the time to brush our teeth, much less visit the dentist. If this sounds like your life, then you’re in luck: Dossett Dental offers Saturday hours for our patients who cannot find time during their weeks to come see us.

Our Saturday Hours Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

When you come into our office on Saturday, you will not find a “skeleton crew” of one or two people, and you will not be told that we can’t do anything for you because the dentists are all at home. No matter what day it is, Dossett Dental still provides complete services from our friendly staff. You have the benefit of our full attention and quality care, with the convenience to work around your schedule.

Parents can take advantage of our back-to-back appointments and get the whole family examined in time to enjoy a nice Saturday afternoon.

Call Us for a Saturday Appointment

To schedule an appointment with our Saturday dentist, give us a call at our McKinney office today.




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