Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning McKinney

Teeth Cleaning

One of the best ways you can take care of your mouth is through routine exams and teeth cleanings. Sure, you brush and floss every day, but getting a deep cleaning at our office allows us to fully examine your mouth and be on the lookout for potential problems.

Our Procedure

Our general procedure for a teeth cleaning goes as follows:

  • We examine your face and neck for any possible signs of issues
  • We do a thorough examination of your teeth for problems like cracks, chips, or cavities
  • We check your gums for problems like gingivitis
  • We remove plaque from the teeth
  • We polish your teeth
  • We provide a fluoride treatment

Getting your teeth cleaned twice a year is a great way to keep your mouth in tip-top shape.

Teeth Cleaning for The Whole Family

Deep Teeth Cleaning McKinney TX

Parents can take advantage of back-to-back appointment scheduling to get all their kids in for a teeth cleaning on one day. In just one afternoon, you can take care of dentist appointments for everyone!

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